Future of Work

Create a diagnostic roadmap to outpace the competition

As FoW technology and approaches continue to transform the workplace, organizations need to align their business and talent strategies to address the significant impact that things like AI, big data, and automation bring.   

Given the dynamic nature of markets and business models, companies need to be flexible and able to pivot quickly. Information gathered through the FoWA provides the critical data needed to develop a strategic roadmap to move forward and outpace the competition. Our proprietary, cutting-edge tool provides a springboard into this new world of work, covering such areas as:

  • Leveraging agile pools of talent
  • Accessing the gig economy
  • Pinpointing where FoW technologies, data, and best practices can be a force-multiplier
  • Identifying new and different employee skills, and
  • Understanding FoW’s impact on branding

The FoWA™ contains 30 items reflecting three dimensions: Strategy; Tools and Technologies; and, People. Feedback from respondents is used to calculate an overall index of preparedness in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the new world of work.

Sample Items

Strategy: To what extent has the organization developed enterprise strategies or plans to address the impact of future of work technologies (e.g., AI, predictive analyses, gig platforms) on the organization's business model, strategy, and operations?

Tools & Technologies: To what extent has the organization adopted digital applications (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello) to empower employees, foster knowledge sharing, provide feedback, and manage projects across a blended workforce?

People: To what extent has the organization ensured employees leverage Future of Work technologies and tools (e.g., automation, AI) without fear of making themselves obsolete?

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