Optimize aspects of your brand

Research by Warech Associates and others suggests companies that maintain and deliver on a compelling employment value proposition, or what we call the Employee Experience Brand™ (EEB), score higher on measures of attraction, employee engagement, performance, and retention.  The problem is, oftentimes, the EEB is not being optimized.  The company might be underdelivering on some elements of the EEB and overdelivering on others. 

The EEB helps clients clarify where and how to best focus their resources to create an outstanding employee experience that attracts and retains top talent. Our proprietary online Employee Experience Brand Sorting Tool™ and Action Matrix can provide invaluable data to:

  • Assist in understanding your company’s current EEB
  • Ensure your EEB is comprised of the most appropriate and compelling elements
  • Identify the optimal levels and combination of elements most important to key stakeholders

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